Gosho ningyo or palace dolls came into existence in the 17th century when Japanese emperors

  gave these ningyos as gifts to daimyos (feudal lords) who visited the palace in Kyoto.

  The Gosho ningyos handcrafted from wood and later molded of ceramic are well known for

  their baby-like chubby face with a large head. These white skinned ningyos coated in many layers

  of polished gofun (crushed oyster shell) are scantily clad with a simple bib although some Goshos

  are fully clothed in silk kimono with a lacquered court cap or eboshi.

  There are many types of Gosho ningyos e.g. Hai-hai (crawling), tachiko (standing) etc.

  Wooden Gosho ningyos from the Edo Period are highly prized by collectors.

  These ningyos are very rare and pricey. 


A rare find.

  Gosho ( boy ) on a carp.

  Ht. 6.5 ins. Lgth. 14 ins.

Edo Period


  A Classic Gosho Ningyo of the Edo Period.

He is known as a good luck doll.

Ht.10 ins. Width.11 ins.



























































  Gosho with a contented dog.

Ht.5 ins. Width.5.5 ins.

Edo Period








   Antiquey looking Gosho with  a Fish.

Edo Period















  He is having a headache

with his drum!

Ht.10 ins.

Meiji Period





















































 Kimekomi Gosho.

Ht.9 ins.




  Gosho Ningyo with a cat.

Meiji Period

 A Meiji Gosho Ningyo.

Ht. 9 ins.



















A mizuhiki Gosho Ningyo.

 He has a presentation ribbon

painted on his forehead.

Meiji Period











 Gosho with a hand

 painted cap.

Edo period















 These are hand painted Gosho Ningyo

 from the Edo/Meiji period.






























 Gosho with a bell.







 Taisho Gosho.


Captivating looks! Pigmented Gosho Ningyo.

Ht. 12 ins.

Edo Period























  What a pose!

 Ht. 12 ins.

Edo Period




























A Charmer!

 Ht. 9 ins.

Edo Period





















 Gosho on a horse. 

Meiji Period









 Miniature Gosho.





















 Delightful Gosho Ningyo

holding a wooden Shishi head.

 Surprisingly this Gosho

 still has lots of hair.

Edo/Meiji Period 


















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 Gosho with a gourd.

 Ht.5.5 ins.

Meiji Period







 Gosho with a presentation ribbon

 on his forehead. He also has very

 long hand painted eye lashers.

Meiji Period

 Gosho with a bird.

 Ht.6.5 ins.

Meiji Period






 Gosho having a nap

on his drum.








































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 An Edo Gosho.

 I restored and also made

 him a bib.

 A charmer!

Edo Period