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  My fascination for Japanese dolls (ningyo) or human figure or shape started  more than 30 years ago  and

  it  grew tremendously through the years.

  A doll gift from one of the nuns at the Dominican Monastery and the frequent visits to numerous

  antique markets,  shrine sales and antique fairs throughout Japan increased my passion for Japanese dolls.

  I am now a proud collector of a range of antique dolls and I am still looking for more.

  Moreover armed with a collection of books on Japanese antique dolls and visits to doll museums etc.

   I learnt to appreciate the beauty and aesthetics of a multitude of ningyos.

  The endless range of antique dolls in Japan also known as the Land of Dolls impressed upon me

  that these objects of beauty created by deft and artistic hands were used not only as toys but for a

  variety of purposes including festivals, celebrations, rituals, ceremonies etc.

  Hina, Tachibina, Go-Gatsu, Takeda, Kimekomi, Ichimatsu, Daki, Kokeshi, Gosho, Issho,

  and Earthen ningyos etc. provided a great source of joy for me not only in studying and acquiring

  them but also restoring some of these dolls.

  Apart from my Japanese collection, I also collect non-Japanese dolls some of which are displayed

  in this website.

  Please enjoy viewing my dolls listed in this web page.

  Since I am also an artist I enjoy painting landscapes and dolls in oil and water color.

  I also have a passion for pressed flowers.

  Please view them too. ( See links to "My Paintings" and Pressed Flower Art /Oshibana)

 I would also be happy to receive your feedback and comments.

 Thank you and happy viewing.















Basic formation and composition of an Edo Hina Ningyo








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    Important Era in Japanese

Doll  History:


   1.  Heian Period  (794-1185)

   2. Edo Period  (1603-1867)

   3. Meiji Period  (1868-1912)

   4. Taisho Period  (1912-1926)

   5. Showa Period  (1926-1989)

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